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Let your success stories became an inspiration to the next generation with IOOM CARE.

Our upcoming project IOOM CARE is now on final design stage & under construction. We request your all blessings & support to bring up the unique caring concept IOOMCARE and also sincere thanks for the encouragement in our running projects | www.ownmanager.com | www.owndigitalsolution.com | www.ioomglobal.com | www.obmworldwide.com

How IOOM Cares You

Dear Reader,

Greetings from IOOMCARE!

Thank you very much for your valuable time to read this and the time spent will surely contribute a lot to this generation and society.

During these year, We were providing investment facilitations & business consultancy for our clients with Own Business Management FZC (OBM) and also providing IT solutions through Own Digital Solutions (ODS) in UAE. We are managing Business Process of our International clients from our BPO venture Own Manager and have developed the practical training concept with Institute of Own Management (IOOM) in India.

We are extremely pleased to introduce our upcoming project IOOMCARE to provide a special care for personal & Business branding of entrepreneurs & their business along with educating and motivating this generation, with the biography, success stories and lessons of successful entrepreneurs who worked hard to reach the peak of success.

Further to that our project also aims to provide a personalized care to individuals, job seekers, freelancers & startups who are in search of job, work, projects & leads through branding their achievements, unique inventions, specialized quality & services to assist in reaching desired goal.

As a part of Cooperate social responsibility, we are delighted to dedicate our caring concept IOOMCARE, to care the concerns related to entrepreneurs, workers & society who are going through a critical situation in their life, by sharing the concerns to the kind hearted entrepreneurs & well-wishers.

We would like to invite the well-wishers to join hands in bringing up this upcoming project and we are in search of dedicated team of entrepreneurs, prospective investors, freelancers, startups and social workers to support for the upcoming project.

Currently we are getting the encouragement and support from a huge number of well-wisher for the project, we would also like to invite your attention to be a part of developing this concept by sharing your achievements and caring for the concerns.

It would be great if your valuable time can be spared to have your all feedback and support for the upcoming project and for a biography on your success and achievement.

Please feel free to email us at care@ for more details.

Best Regards

Project Development Team

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www.ownmanager.com | www.owndigitalsolution.com | www.ioomglobal.com | www.obmworldwide.com

Brand Your Online Image Through IOOM CARE

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Logo in Homepage

IOOMCARE provides space to display your company logo in homepage which helps to increase the visibility.

Personalized Company Page

IOOMCARE provides a personalized page, Display about your company and logo, current job openings, company culture and latest updates.

Customized Email

IOOMCARE target the candidates matching with your requirement and reach out to them with your jobs and banners through customized mails.

Profile Branding

  • Search Engine Friendly Website / Blog
  • Strategic Calling

    Collect the information regarding your needs.

  • Create Website / Blog

    Design and implement the website as per your requirement and present before for the approval.

  • Hosting

    After the approval the site will be hosted.

  • Social Media Profile Creation And Management
  • Profile Creation

    Creating various social media profiles to attract visitors.

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy

    After assessing your requirements we suggest specific actions for long-term social media success.

  • Social Media Channel Management / Audience Engagement

    We develop a brand message policy and manage social media channels to increase audience engagement.

  • Third Party Publications
  • Directory Submission

    Submit your website in different business directories suited to your profile.

  • Forum Posting

    To get maximum public view we post your profile in different social forums.

  • Article Submission

    To create your online presence we submit relevant articles in various directories.

  • Wikipedia
  • Account Creation

    We create a personal Wikipedia account to share your information about you.

  • Quality Content Development

    We provide you with high quality content for your personal Wikipedia account.

  • Manage & Monitor Wiki Page

    To ensure your Wiki page describes you perfectly we manage and monitor your personal Wiki page.






Personal Branding

  • Inner pages

    Collect the information regarding your needs.

  • Employer Panel

    Collect the information regarding your needs.

  • Social media sharing

    Design and implement the website as per your requirement and present before for the approval.

  • Referred to employers

    After the approval the site will be hosted.

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